Monday, April 25, 2011

Meet Our Cats!

Meet Coco, Sare-bear's cat
He is a tabby/Siamese mix, named after baseball player Coco Crisp. He loves people, killing birds, playing with string, and hanging around in sinks. He is what we call a "purr-er", and loves any form of attention from humans (sometimes dogs, too). 

Meet Fiona, Sare-bear's cat
An interesting combination of Siamese and tabby as well, but is much more stunning. Peggy Coss thinks that she is ugly. Her and Coco come from the same litter, but look very different. Fiona is a girl cat, and is therefore a little brat. She hates it when you pick her up and hold her. She will swat her paw at innocent dogs as she walks past them, for no reason. She loves to torture small rodents; often playing them for hours before killing them. However, she has chosen Sare-bear and her brother, lets call him Drewski, as favorites, and will frequently snuggle with them. Fiona also loves to take cat naps in small spaces (ie. drawers or on small pieces of paper).

Meet Chili Pepper, Sammylamb's cat.
Yes, she looks so sweet and innocent laying next to the Christmas tree, but it's all a facade. She is the meanest, stupidest cat you can imagine. When we have visitors, she always pretends to be nice, purring and rubbing against their legs, but then her true colors come out if they visit too often. She often runs up to you, pretending to want love by purring and meowing, but once you reach down to pet her, she bites you, hisses, and runs away (often straight into walls, hence the stupidity). The only person in our household she liked was my sister, but in the end, she was even mean to her. She also pees on everything. She's dead now, and honestly, no one even cared. Good riddance.

Meet Vader, Sammylamb's favorite cat ever.
Vader is the most amazing cat you could ever imagine. He is sweet, lovable, and adorable. He loves everyone he meets, always looking forward to a good ear scratching. In high school, he would wait by the window to greet Sammylamb when she got home. Even though he is so sweet, he is not perfect. Since he needs so much attention, he sometimes trips you when you are trying to cook in the kitchen. Also, lately he's started to smell kind of bad because he has kitty gingivitis. Otherwise, he is the best cat a girl could ask for.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interspecies Friendships

Are there some people in your life that you never knew would impact you so much? Have you ever made an unexpected friend in a surprising circumstance? In the animal world, these otherwise strange friendships/relationships are just adorable. Here are some of our favorite pictures of interspecies friends.

"Charm is a product of the unexpected"
For this kitty, Easter is everyday! Meow!
I love you, my deer!
Do not remove a fly from your friend's forehead with a hatchet. -Chinese proverb

Commensalism in action! 

We encourage you be befriend someone of a difference species than your own. You might be surprised by how much you can learn from them! 

-Sarebear & Sammylamb. Meow!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cuddling with Secret Kittens

What are the secret kittens? Well, thanks to a generous employee, who we will call Robert for privacy purposes, at the Woods Humane Society, we were allowed to go into the "Secret Kitten Room" in the back of the building, where there were four very cuddly and fuzzy kittens, all vying for our love.

My name is Chico, meow!
But first things first. The first cat room we found was filled with the older cats that were not yet adopted. Our personal favorite was a Siamese-Tabby mix, Chico, who was sweet and lovable. We wished we could adopt him right then and there. The other favorite was a black cat. Sammylamb especially loves black cats. By the way, there is a $25 rebate on black cats, if anyone is interested!

Next was the room filled with evil reject kitties. Not only were they scary, they were also scared (seriously, there were signs posted by their cages describing some of the kitties as frightful). Sare-bear's favorite was the  one whose cage was covered by a blanket, and who hissed profusely whenever we lifted up the blanket. She wanted to keep it for entertainment purposes. Surprisingly enough, we didn't spend too much time in this room.

The last, and best room by far, was the secret kitten room. We technically weren't allowed to hold the cats, or even in the room, but our new friend Robert allowed us to play with them. He even took our picture! They were just adorable. Their meows were tiny squeaks that made our hearts flutter. They were soft as cashmere, innocent as a rose. They nuzzled our necks and we kissed their furry heads. They loved to climb up onto Sammylamb's back for some unknown reason. We both came out slightly scratched up from their tiny claws, but it was worth it. So worth it.

We also saw dogs there. We were honestly scared of them, as most of them were of the pit-bull breed. They made us sad as well. Dogs need so much attention and love that it is depressing to see them locked up in a cage all alone. Cats are okay because they are more independent. Yay cats!

Kreuzberg sandwich
After our adventure to the Humane Society we headed downtown for more fun! We went to our favorite store, Urban Outfitters, and got super cute matching shirts! We then went to our favorite coffee shop, Kreuzberg, where we ordered matching lunches and drinks. It was a good day. We're going to the Cal Poly baseball game tonight, even though we prefer the Giants to the Mustangs. Go Giants! Sare-bear is kind of in love with Buster Posey.. just sayin'. It should be the pinnacle of an amazing day, filled with kittens, chai lattes, and excitement.

-Sare-bear & Sammylamb. Meow!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why We Love Coffee

Two words: chemical dependence. Sare-bear has a lil' problem with caffeine addiction. It has been six months since it has become almost destructive, but we're working on getting her through this difficult time. Sammylamb is becoming concerned. On Thursday Sare-bear was late to class because she was running late and couldn't skip her morning coffee; 7:00am classes make it even harder.

More reasons why it is so hard to give up coffee are....
  • It tastes good!
  • It keeps us awake in class.
  • You can order it hot or cold.
  • Coffee shops are the best (i.e. Kreuzberg, we are here now!)
  • It is comforting.
  • Coffee contains antioxidants.
  • Drinking it decreases the likelihood of Parkinson's, type 2 diabetes, dementia, heart rhythm problems, and strokes.
  • It warms your hands when it's cold outside.
  • It makes the perfect drink at dinner parties after dessert.
  • Coffee dates are a great way to get to know someone.
  • There are so many choices of drinks! Our favorites are:
    1. Vanilla Latté
    2. Cappuccino
    3. Chai Latté (it's basically coffee)
    4. Mocha (every once in a while)
  • Coffee brought Sare-bear and Sammylamb even closer :)
  • Coffee wards off evil spirits.

Props to Staci DeSantis for giving up coffee for Lent. You go girl!
-Sare-bear & Sammylamb. Meow!

ps. Stay posted for updates from our cat adventure! Soon to come!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Why We Love Cats

It seems like most people prefer dogs over cats, so we felt obligated to explain our fondness for felines. For those that dislike cats (or are "dog people"), we simply wish to present our view point so that they may not be completely close-minded towards the next cat that they meet. We encourage everyone to give cats a chance!

Reasons why we love cats: 

  • They are soft.
  • They love to cuddle.
  • They clean themselves and it's cute.
  • They can fend for themselves in the wild.
  • They are the perfect size to fit on your lap.
  • They have unique personalities.
  • They meow.
  • They are independent.
  • They comfort you when you're sad.
  • They are cute.
  • They're fun to play with.
  • When you flip their ears inside out it is really entertaining.
  • They have weird tongues.
  • They have nine lives.
  • They make us LOL.
  • They don't poop all over the lawn.
  • They catch gross bugs and rodents that are around the house.
  • They don't smell bad.
  • There are many varieties. 
  • They go on adventures.
  • They're mysterious.
  • They are cozy to sleep with.
  • They purr.
  • They're fun to mess with, i.e. pulling tails.
  • They bring you presents.
  • They defend against evil spirits.

We hope that this helps you understand the perspective of cat lovers around the world!

-Sare-bear & Sammylamb. Meow!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cats and Coffee Commencement!

Hello! We are Sare-Bear and Sammylamb: two friends brought together due to our common curriculum in environmental engineering, not to mention our affinity for cats and coffee. It really all began when our coursework become more complex and our early Noise Controls class at seven in the morning (with professor emeritus Cota) had us commonly craving caffeine.

We hope you enjoy keeping up with us as we explore the world of cats, coffee, and much, much more.