Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interspecies Friendships

Are there some people in your life that you never knew would impact you so much? Have you ever made an unexpected friend in a surprising circumstance? In the animal world, these otherwise strange friendships/relationships are just adorable. Here are some of our favorite pictures of interspecies friends.

"Charm is a product of the unexpected"
For this kitty, Easter is everyday! Meow!
I love you, my deer!
Do not remove a fly from your friend's forehead with a hatchet. -Chinese proverb

Commensalism in action! 

We encourage you be befriend someone of a difference species than your own. You might be surprised by how much you can learn from them! 

-Sarebear & Sammylamb. Meow!


  1. LOL! So cute!
    I had a cat and a dog who weren't friends, but they read this blog and now they're best of friends!

  2. your pets can read? how did you teach them how to do that?

  3. I love cats, coffee and Sarah!

  4. Lol so cute!
    I have had an interspecies relationship with a spirit in my home! I've learned so much and have gained even more!

  5. I love Sarah. Oh and cats kindof.