Monday, April 25, 2011

Meet Our Cats!

Meet Coco, Sare-bear's cat
He is a tabby/Siamese mix, named after baseball player Coco Crisp. He loves people, killing birds, playing with string, and hanging around in sinks. He is what we call a "purr-er", and loves any form of attention from humans (sometimes dogs, too). 

Meet Fiona, Sare-bear's cat
An interesting combination of Siamese and tabby as well, but is much more stunning. Peggy Coss thinks that she is ugly. Her and Coco come from the same litter, but look very different. Fiona is a girl cat, and is therefore a little brat. She hates it when you pick her up and hold her. She will swat her paw at innocent dogs as she walks past them, for no reason. She loves to torture small rodents; often playing them for hours before killing them. However, she has chosen Sare-bear and her brother, lets call him Drewski, as favorites, and will frequently snuggle with them. Fiona also loves to take cat naps in small spaces (ie. drawers or on small pieces of paper).

Meet Chili Pepper, Sammylamb's cat.
Yes, she looks so sweet and innocent laying next to the Christmas tree, but it's all a facade. She is the meanest, stupidest cat you can imagine. When we have visitors, she always pretends to be nice, purring and rubbing against their legs, but then her true colors come out if they visit too often. She often runs up to you, pretending to want love by purring and meowing, but once you reach down to pet her, she bites you, hisses, and runs away (often straight into walls, hence the stupidity). The only person in our household she liked was my sister, but in the end, she was even mean to her. She also pees on everything. She's dead now, and honestly, no one even cared. Good riddance.

Meet Vader, Sammylamb's favorite cat ever.
Vader is the most amazing cat you could ever imagine. He is sweet, lovable, and adorable. He loves everyone he meets, always looking forward to a good ear scratching. In high school, he would wait by the window to greet Sammylamb when she got home. Even though he is so sweet, he is not perfect. Since he needs so much attention, he sometimes trips you when you are trying to cook in the kitchen. Also, lately he's started to smell kind of bad because he has kitty gingivitis. Otherwise, he is the best cat a girl could ask for.


  1. Coco and Fiona are stunning cats. It looks like Fiona is part calico too. She is a beautiful cat! Who is PeggyCoss anyway? Maybe she is the ugly one.....

  2. There is definitely a pattern here, gender behavior to be specific.
    Mammal DNA coding has been scientifically proven to be transferred from parents to offspring's, this scenario suggests the possibility that certain characteristics may actually be inherited by direct contact across species (petting, snuggling, cross pollination, etc..). Did Peggy leave the gate open?
    Down boy!

  3. Peggy left the gate open, and let the dogs out.

  4. ok ok she looks a little better in pictures....but here in the kitchen she still looks a bit U-G-L-Y....just sayin....